Welcome to Norwall!

This is my D&D campaign inspired by my interest in the upcoming D&D Next game. As the first fantasy game I’ve done in quite a few years, it’s intended to be a fairly generic, run-of-the-mill fantasy milieu. That is, there are no specific twists or changes that would separate this from any number of standard D&D campaigns.

The two biggest differences will be in the organization of wizards, and religion will be a bit different. One of my biggest concerns when putting together a fantasy world is internal consistency especially with regards to magic. The level of magic found in most D&D campaigns would completely negate the need or usefulness of castles and armies, and it would be hard to explain why wizards aren’t ruling everything. Even at a societal level, the presence of clerics would make death rates far lower than they would be in a real medieval world, thus leading to a much larger population, which would have a huge impact on the culture.

Religion is another point where fantasy typically diverges significantly from historical medieval models. Monotheism was the rule in medieval Europe, and the Church played a very significant part in the history of Europe – both for good and bad. But in most fantasy games, polytheism is the rule, and the churches of these “gods” are far less influential than the Catholic Church of history.

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